Personal Tax Advice, including preparation of self-assessment tax returns.

This is recognized as a core part of our business.
We use the latest software from Digita to produce our clients’ tax returns and computations. This has enabled us to produce work much more efficiently than by using either manual systems or other current software packages and hence save time, which in turn helps keep our fee’s down.
We can give advice for the self employed and for those looking to go into partnership.

Corporate Tax Advice

We can help to save you both corporation tax in your company and personal tax. Depending on your earnings, the varying use of dividends -v- salary income is a way to save tax payable for director shareholders.

Payroll Taxes

We can run a payroll for any type of business weekly, monthly, 4-weekly or even yearly if you need.

It takes the strain away from you having to comply with monthly deadlines to produce documents and the battle to ensure your employee’s are being taxed correctly. We can take the stress away and provide a customisable payroll, whether its just an email every week with the important numbers, or full reports with a breakdown of all the costing, along with payslips, P45’s, P60’s etc.

Just contact us for more information on your requirements.


Assisting with registration and deregistration and advising on special schemes. Visit the VAT website for detailed information.

Tax Investigation Services

We have extensive experience in dealing with the Inland Revenue on behalf of our clients to resolve any investigations and enquiries promptly and efficiently, in the best interests of our clients.

We believe that co-operation with the authorities, not confrontation, best serves the interests of our clients and ultimately achieves an agreement accepted by all parties.

Pro active tax planning with our clients helps to achieve painless enquiries, if they should arise.