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How Much to Save Spend and Invest | Birkett & Co. Ltd

How Much to Save Spend and Invest

Why Perfectly Balancing How Much to Save, Spend and Invest Matters

Embark on a journey of prosperity with the right knowledge of saving, spending and investing.

In the world of personal finance, three cardinal elements govern the kingdom — how much to save, spend, and invest. Consider these three as the gears of a classic wristwatch. Each turns harmoniously, ensuring the clock’s hands glide smoothly, ticking off seconds, minutes, and hours. When well-oiled and synchronised, they lead us through time accurately, without a hiccup. But let one gear rust or slow down, and you’re caught in a time warp, living a reality that’s either too fast or too slow compared to the rest of the world. Similarly, saving, spending, and investing are our gears in the financial realm. They synchronise with our present gratification, future security, and long-term growth. Yet, the secret lies in the balance. One must know how much to feed each gear, which is easier said than done. That’s where Birkett & Co step in to give you the clear-cut, objective advice you need.

Consider saving your safety net — a cushion that softens unexpected falls. It’s not just for the rainy days but for any storms that life may brew. It gives you the confidence to walk the tightrope of life, knowing that if you stumble, you won’t hit rock bottom. Spending, on the other hand, is the grease that keeps the wheels of life spinning. From daily essentials to life’s little luxuries, spending is how we fulfil our needs and wants. Yet, uncontrolled spending can lead to a slippery slope of debt. Therefore, understanding how much to spend is paramount. Lastly, investing is your golden ticket to wealth multiplication. It’s like planting a sapling today to enjoy its shade tomorrow. The right investments can create streams of income that enrich you beyond your primary earnings. However, without knowing how much to invest, you risk overexposure to market volatility.

In the grand scheme of financial stability and growth, each element holds its ground. None can be dismissed or overlooked. They are interwoven threads that, when managed wisely, create the fabric of a financially secure and prosperous life. Understanding how much to save, spend and invest becomes the key that unlocks this treasure chest of financial freedom. Our finances are a reflection of our choices. An imbalance in saving, spending, or investing can toss our economic boat into tumultuous waters. Maintaining the right balance is akin to a well-tuned orchestra. Each instrument plays its part in creating a symphony of financial security and growth. By understanding how much to save, spend, and invest, you are setting yourself on a path leading to financial peace and prosperity.

The journey isn’t always easy, but with guidance, patience, and persistence, it’s worth embarking upon.

The Benefits of Our Guidance on How Much to Save, Spend, and Invest

Harness the power of expertise and discover how Birkett & Co’s insight can shape your financial future.


  1. Personalised Financial Strategy
    At Birkett & Co, we craft a personalised financial strategy for each client. We understand that no two economic landscapes are the same. We listen, we understand, and we tailor our advice to fit your unique circumstances.
  2. Foresight & Planning
    Our experts offer the benefit of foresight and planning. We help you anticipate potential financial obstacles. This way, we prepare you to navigate around them or, better yet, transform them into opportunities.
  3. Time & Freedom
    Our professional guidance saves you time and gives you freedom. We deal with the complexities of financial planning, so you don’t have to. You’re free to focus on what you do best while we ensure your finances are working hard for you.
  4. Building Resilience
    We build financial resilience. With our advice on how much to save, spend, and invest, we equip you to weather any economic storm. We aim to build your financial strength and stability for today and the future.
  5. Maximising Growth
    Finally, we help you maximise your financial growth. Our insights steer you towards the right balance between saving, spending, and investing. By striking this balance, we set you on the path towards achieving your financial goals and dreams.

Decoding How Much to Save, Spend, and Invest

The roadmap to financial harmony begins with the right mix of saving, spending, and investing.

Financial freedom is often bandied about, but what does it truly signify? It symbolises autonomy, security, peace of mind, and the ability to weather unexpected storms.

Yet, this financial freedom isn’t a treasure that one stumbles upon, but a result of . . .

🟦 | Diligent planning
🟦 | Smart decision-making
🟦 | And disciplined execution

The heart of this planning lies in understanding how to partition one’s income into saving, spending, and investing. With its labyrinth of choices and decisions, the financial world can be daunting to navigate. Each fork in the road, every decision we make, consciously or unconsciously, charts the course of our economic trajectory. Yet, the fulcrum that balances these choices, the compass that guides our financial journey, is a well-structured plan. This isn’t a monolith etched in stone but a fluid strategy that adapts to the ebbs and flows of your life circumstances. At its core, this strategy should clearly outline how much to save, spend, and invest. It’s worth noting that there is no one-size-fits-all rule, no magic number that guarantees success. Instead, the plan should be tailored to an individual’s income, lifestyle, financial goals, and risk tolerance.

The task, while complex, is integral to creating a robust financial future . . .

Determining How Much to Save

A common rule of thumb is the 50/30/20 rule, suggesting that one should allocate 50% of their income for needs, 30% for wants, and 20% for savings. However, this is a rough sketch, not an exact portrait. Your circumstances, AKA income stability, financial goals, and age, dictate these percentages.

Balancing Your Spending

Similarly, your spending habits should align with your financial health. Essential expenses like rent or mortgage, utilities and groceries will consume a critical portion of your income. Balancing this with discretionary spending requires astute monetary judgement. Remember, a penny saved is a penny earned.

Investing for the Future

As for investing, consider it a catalyst that propels your financial growth. It’s not simply stashing away money; it’s putting it to work. The percentage of income you invest depends mainly on your financial goals and risk tolerance. However, a good starting point could be whatever is left after saving and meeting your spending needs. As your financial stability improves, you could increase this allocation.

Yet, contrary to popular belief, financial success is not a single point in time; nor a destination that one arrives at. It’s a long journey punctuated with milestones, detours, accelerations, and pauses. It’s a continual process of adjustment and realignment as life evolves as personal circumstances shift. Determining how much to save, spend, and invest is not a task to be checked off a list but an ongoing exercise — a personal ritual of financial self-reflection and recalibration. The balance between saving, spending, and investing may tilt over time, like a see-saw responding to the weight of life’s changes. This is a natural part of financial evolution, a sign that your strategy adapts to changing circumstances. The key is to stay attuned to these shifts, adjusting your economic sails to harness the winds of change best. But remember, the ultimate goal of this journey isn’t merely to amass wealth. It’s to make your money work for you, to create a life of financial freedom and security. By understanding how much to save, spend and invest, you seize the reins of your financial destiny. You become the author of your economic story, penning chapters of prosperity and peace of mind. With a clear roadmap, disciplined execution, and a touch of financial savvy, what do you get? You get a journey towards economic prosperity that becomes achievable and thrilling. Allow Birkett & Co to be your steadfast co-driver on this journey.

Our expertise is your trusted compass, guiding you towards a future radiant with financial stability and growth.

What Goes Into Deciding How Much to Save, Spend, and Invest

Embrace financial freedom with a tailored plan to save, spend, and invest.

Financial freedom is a canvas painted with bold strokes of savings, spending, and strategic investing. This canvas can seem daunting to many and filled with a complex web of choices, decisions, and potential pitfalls. Yet, to us at Birkett & Co, it’s an exciting landscape ripe with opportunity, waiting to be explored and conquered. Deciding how much to allocate towards each — saving, spending, investing — is akin to mixing the perfect palette. This palette should reflect your unique financial landscape and life’s aspirations. Managing your finances isn’t a static picture that can be completed in a single sitting. Instead, it’s a dynamic masterpiece that evolves with your life’s journey. It’s a tableau that reflects your changing income, financial goals, and lifestyle. Your financial plan, therefore, is not a static strategy but a fluid design that adapts and grows with you.

Here’s what goes into keeping your financial health robust, resilient, and ready to face any challenge life might throw your way . . .

Crafting the Savings Plan

How much should you be saving? The answer varies widely depending on individual circumstances. However, a well-constructed plan serves as the cornerstone for any savings strategy. First and foremost, this plan should include an emergency fund, a financial safety net to cushion life’s unexpected blows. Experts recommend having three to six months’ worth of living expenses tucked away in this fund. Beyond that, retirement savings are essential. No matter your age, it’s never too early or late to start planning for those golden years. Your savings should be enough to ensure a comfortable and secure retirement — one where financial worries don’t darken the horizon. Additionally, goal-oriented savings form an integral part of your financial plan.

These savings targets could range from . . .

🟦 | Purchasing a dream home
🟦 | Embarking on an exotic holiday
🟦 | Supporting your child’s education
🟦 | Or any other personal milestone

This requires setting clear, measurable goals and consistently contributing to achieving them.

Planning Your Spending

Deciding how much to spend can be a challenging aspect of financial planning. It requires distinguishing between needs and wants. So you can see what is necessary for survival and what contributes to comfort and pleasure. Your plan should ensure that essential expenses — rent or mortgage, utilities, and groceries — are covered. Put simply; it shouldn’t be a strain on your finances. However, it’s also essential to allow for the occasional indulgence. After all, we don’t earn to survive but to enjoy the fruits of our labour. Conscious spending is a delicate balancing act. It seeks to enhance life’s joys without compromising financial stability. This requires creating a spending plan that allocates funds for needs, wants, and unexpected expenses. Yet, this plan must ensure the savings and investment goals are not sidelined.

Investing for Growth

How much to invest is a question that demands careful consideration. It requires a clear understanding of your risk tolerance, financial goals, and investment horizon. Investing isn’t about quick wins or immediate gains. It’s a long-term game where the goal is to find the right balance between preserving and growing your capital. Investing is the engine that propels your wealth forward, turning the wheels of compound interest in your favour. The amount to invest will depend on your circumstances. However, a good starting point could be whatever is left after saving and meeting your spending needs. As your financial stability improves, you could increase this allocation. Diversifying your investments across various assets can also help spread the risk and enhance returns. Remember, investment isn’t a gamble; it’s a calculated risk with an expected return. It’s a long-term strategy where patience, discipline, and knowledge pay off. It’s about making informed decisions, not based on market rumours or fleeting trends, but solid research and sound advice. And at Birkett & Co, we’re here to provide that guidance. We’re here to help you make investment decisions that align with your financial goals and risk tolerance.

The journey to financial freedom isn’t a straight road. It’s a path that twists and turns, with occasional detours, obstacles, and surprises. It’s a road that requires patience, discipline, and a keen sense of direction. But with a clear roadmap — a solid understanding of how much to save, spend, and invest — you can navigate this path confidently and clearly. Remember, the power to shape your financial destiny and to paint the canvas of your financial freedom rests firmly in your hands. The canvas of your financial future is vast, open, and waiting for your brushstrokes. Let Birkett & Co guide you in mixing the perfect palette. We’re here to help you craft a financial masterpiece that stands the test of time, weathers the storms, and basks in the sunshine.

Your journey towards financial prosperity is more than just a dream but a goal within your grasp, and it’s all thanks to . . .

🟦 | Diligent planning
🟦 | Disciplined execution
🟦 | And a dose of financial insight

So, let’s embark on this journey together and craft a future where financial freedom is not a distant dream but a tangible reality. Let us help you turn the canvas of your economic life into a masterpiece. One where each stroke, each decision on how much to save, spend, and invest, contributes to a brighter, financially secure tomorrow.

Your journey to financial freedom starts here, with Birkett & Co by your side.

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